Wow, the radio voices were hot this morning, with Australian climate target news. There was the media equivalent of squeals of pain from Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other fossil fool government members over the notion accepting a climate net zero emissions target of 2050, by which date most of what we now know will likely be dead.

Scott Morrison from marketing says net zero emissions won’t be achieved in ‘wine bars’ of ‘inner cities’. How stupid and irrelevant. We have a global problem, the net-zero target is global. Large scale emissions curtailment failure anywhere means failure everywhere.

Growing gate-way to climate hell. Heatwaves and permafrost melt in Siberia — Batagay as current largest thaw slump


We control our civilisation, as much as our selves, using our feelings. Our repertoire of biogical feelings have evolved from ancient features of homeostatis. But what feels good for us, in our excess, is not good for the biosphere.

Water, the medium of life. What is conciousness?

I have come across two very thoughtful and revealing books, which are complements. The author of each is a respected expert in their chosen field. The first is the very handy pocket-sized book, called “What is Life? : Understand Biology in Five Steps” by Paul Nurse, who is a geneticist and cell biologist, and has worked on how reproduction of cells is controlled.

I mention this one first, because without those “five steps”, the assumed life sciences grounding for taking the second book seriously, might be missing. I feel in general that much of contributions to Medium and other publication…

Ok, timescale is 4000 years. Holocene is 12,000 y. CO2 has been relatively stable, and also temperature, compared to all the previous post ice age cycles, when there was noticable decline in both, leading on to the next ice age period. What is different this time? - This time, human beings have spread over the world, as hunter gatherers, and horticulturists, and are using fires to cook food.

We homo sapiens are here in Australia by at least 40,000 years ago. …

Its hard to understand how a government can be so publicly determined to undermine the life support systems, of its own population, in its own capital city of government. Namely the National Liberal Party and its stewardship of the Sydney Water Supply catchment area, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. But this is Australia, and Australian government is too frequently all about mining first, mining first. Australian governments are practically fully owned subsidiaries of foreign mining corporations and their money. Hence their reluctance to acknowledge any necessity of action on global warming from burning their products.

We do…

Fossil fuels are political power and wealth, having grown with national states dependent on them for nearly 3 centuries of exponential growth.

Australia set up for its great wealth burning decades ago

It should be no surprise they are as deeply embedded in wealthy nations governments as much as they are in our way of life. Australia is an especially riddled case.

Remember this? Australian Black Summer bushfires of 2019–2020 now have a wikipedia entry.

The country of which I became an adopted citizen of, Australia, has a federal government which always claims that Australia “is a unique case” when negotiating in international forums for climate action. It is the most unique crime case. Like many selfish anti-social, anti-global crimes justice must ensure hurt rebounds on the criminal more at the end. The uniqueness involves an extreme belligerent hard-nosed attitude with carbon accounting combined with public denial of climate change when it comes to action. This is very much opposite to the global behavior required to have a safe global climate system. …

After a record year in 2019 of drought, record temperatures, and record bush-fire damages, noted in the annual BOM climate report, Australian government climate policy is still operates much like it did in the year 1970. Perhaps their minds are still back in the 1950’s , in the case of current slim majority rule of the Liberal — National Party coalition (LNP). Australia is still into expanding coal and gas exports like it is all the rage. Money still trumps science and buys governments.

Here is a little bit of corporate climate science history. GM in the USA knew their…

The Great Australian Gas Swindled

We are the great Australian gas swindled. That is you and me, whether we have seen through it or not. The invasion of foreign gas miners is still getting away with it. Their game pieces are all lined up. The gas lies have been building up thick and fast over the decade, backed by billions of dollars of conviction money from the banks. Dollars buy conviction. Mostly convinced are our conventional standard politicians in Australia, who allow the lies to be repeated wholesale. They also don’t want to be seen opposing “progress”. …

There is already little doubt, among climate activists around the world, that all the important decisions of the Australian government are made under the strong influence of the fossil fools industry, head-quartered in Canberra as the (Foreign) Minerals Council of Australia. This has been true since the 1990s. This has been regardless of which of two main groups of political public relations machinery and state political branding wins an election. States are now nothing much more than fossil fuel political power control and management apparatus. …

We are in Australia, getting down the gritty nub of what blocks climate change policy progress in this nation. Yes, you already knew, it is big money mining (again). Because the rich can never have enough.
From the online news limited article — Scott Morrison opens the door to an ‘evolution’ of his government’s climate change policy

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, is under climate policy pressure, with ongoing expanded bush-fire season disaster. He would be better off by calming down, really listening, becoming better informed, and please stop forcing out manic and idiotic sound bytes in a panic.

Michael Rynn

Eduction and work in Medical Practice, also software engineering, for medical research and commercial. Amateur musician. Learning chinese and russian languages.

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