Fossil fuels are political power and wealth, having grown with national states dependent on them for nearly 3 centuries of exponential growth.

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Australia set up for its great wealth burning decades ago

It should be no surprise they are as deeply embedded in wealthy nations governments as much as they are in our way of life. Australia is an especially riddled case.

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Remember this? Australian Black Summer bushfires of 2019–2020 now have a wikipedia entry.

The country of which I became an adopted citizen of, Australia, has a federal government which always claims that Australia “is a unique case” when negotiating in international forums for climate action. It is the most unique crime case. Like many selfish anti-social, anti-global crimes justice must ensure hurt rebounds on the criminal more at the end. The uniqueness involves an extreme belligerent hard-nosed attitude with carbon accounting combined with public denial of climate change when it comes to action. This is very much opposite to the global behavior required to have a safe global climate system. …

After a record year in 2019 of drought, record temperatures, and record bush-fire damages, noted in the annual BOM climate report, Australian government climate policy is still operates much like it did in the year 1970. Perhaps their minds are still back in the 1950’s , in the case of current slim majority rule of the Liberal — National Party coalition (LNP). Australia is still into expanding coal and gas exports like it is all the rage. Money still trumps science and buys governments.

Here is a little bit of corporate climate science history. GM in the USA knew their motor vehicle emissions would cause global heating 50 years ago. They sponsored some climate scientists to do research in 1960’s. Then they ignored and allowed the results to remain buried. Their business was making lots of money from the manufacture and promotion of polluting gas-guzzlers. That for them, was more certain than future climate consequences. …

The Great Australian Gas Swindled

We are the great Australian gas swindled. That is you and me, whether we have seen through it or not. The invasion of foreign gas miners is still getting away with it. Their game pieces are all lined up. The gas lies have been building up thick and fast over the decade, backed by billions of dollars of conviction money from the banks. Dollars buy conviction. Mostly convinced are our conventional standard politicians in Australia, who allow the lies to be repeated wholesale. They also don’t want to be seen opposing “progress”. …

There is already little doubt, among climate activists around the world, that all the important decisions of the Australian government are made under the strong influence of the fossil fools industry, head-quartered in Canberra as the (Foreign) Minerals Council of Australia. This has been true since the 1990s. This has been regardless of which of two main groups of political public relations machinery and state political branding wins an election. States are now nothing much more than fossil fuel political power control and management apparatus. …

We are in Australia, getting down the gritty nub of what blocks climate change policy progress in this nation. Yes, you already knew, it is big money mining (again). Because the rich can never have enough.
From the online news limited article — Scott Morrison opens the door to an ‘evolution’ of his government’s climate change policy

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, is under climate policy pressure, with ongoing expanded bush-fire season disaster. He would be better off by calming down, really listening, becoming better informed, and please stop forcing out manic and idiotic sound bytes in a panic.

His current media nibbles policy sales spiel sounds very defensive and rattled. Only the “good” or meaningless statistics are quoted — “Emissions today are 50 million tonnes less on average each year under our government than under the previous government” . …

usiness Culture Myths

The climate is always changing . . . the climate has changed before . . . Anybody that says this, is being encouraged to doubt that business as usual is the major cause of global heating. This is a deliberate business culture myth, one of many. It is the most useful myth for fossil fuel dependent societies.

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Civilisation is a temporary sub-system of this biosphere — Thomas Cole — Destruction

As noted by many who get to figure the elements of the myth out, it induces to forget what should be the real question, which is , what is it that causes global climate changes? Why would’t it be us causing it, when global civilisation has grown so large, it has now filled and is impacting the whole planet? …

Without a serious application of all-out methods to weed out agents of fossil fuel blight disease from institutions, corporations and governments, our global civilisation is already brain dead.

Sorry for the poor visibility image today. It is the start of 3 — day extreme heat wave, moving across Australia to Sydney, likely to break new temperature records. The air in Sydney has been clogged for weeks from uncontrolled bush fires. There are level 3 water restrictions in force. Given our current trends and governance, this situation is sure to become “progressively” worse.

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December 10 , 2019 Sydney chokes in weeks of bush fire smoke, after long term drought, a fitting warning punishment for the land of full blown global heating denial and fossil fuel wealth exploitation.

Why is Australia a regular disgrace at every COP? Why, because we let “them” do it to us. The greenhouse mafia people are useful idiots to the owners of global fossil fuel wealth, are planted in our political parties, and media, and are among biggest corporate board salary earners of all time, are part of a global network of self serving greenhouse mafia, for whom fossil fuel exploitation is the richest energy and money source in the world, making them the wealthiest, richest bunch of biosphere killers in the entire history of planet earth. …

Greenhouse gas emissions are global. It matters not where they are produced and who produced them, but that they are produced in excess, and have global impacts. We have an imaginary and minuscule remaining budget for adding to global greenhouse gases. Except that our political parties are ruled by Global Energy Oligarchs, and plainly the global nature of impacts.

Included in our implicatory denial scope are the the public statements of the political elite in Australia. We still have climate-morons still leading parties, such Mr Anthony Albanese, and Mr Scott Morrison. The Australian Labor Party still wishes Coal to have longer term future. We have the terminal climate idiocy of the NSW state government. These are typical examples of our only good for good-times political parties. …

I must be sufficiently whacked out to publish today, since our local Australian Political Lignites of Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton are giving protester opposition to Mining Oligarchy a public media whacking. No other real effective political opposition to the global ecocidal mining oligarchy exists in Australia, so the filthy rich mining oligarchy need protection from protesters, in case words about global heating reach their ears.

The global mining oligarchy are obviously nervous about their global share prices, and must have told the Prime Minister to go out and show some authority. The Prime Minister spoke in Brisbane in the wake of anti-mining protesters clashing with police outside a mining conference in Melbourne.


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