A Russian Bear Trap in Ukraine has been sprung, but will it stop or change anything?

Michael Rynn
8 min readMar 6, 2022

I haven’t written anything for a while now. At times it seems to me their is almost no point to my commentary. Everything has been already said, by many expert writers, but we humans are by nature designed for denial and conflicts with our social status. I have been reading as much as ever, and appreciating the writings of many people, even if I don’t acknowledge them.

Bad things are going to happen any way because they always have, especially to our unsustainable civilizations. Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it looks like the puppet masters on both sides, the West, and Russia, have been expecting this for decades, and working hard to make their predictions of a military war come true, and the weapons manufacturers are in a state of glee over these latest events.

“Equal Rites” or “Equally Wrong”

Of course I’ve been reading plenty of coverage, on English language news sites, particularly on that not yet shut-down-by-western-censorship lefty news analysis site of Counterpunch.org. It seems important in our global social media world of raving loonies to find people who are paying attention to the systemic underlying causes of human events, by seeking emotional distance and relevant facts. No one can distance very far because it is upsetting. About as upsetting as the West’s “wars of choice” in the last 2 decades. The six trillion US$ war in Afghanistan, the fake WMD wars and demolishment of Iraq, I won’t go on carpet bombing about this.

Quite a few Medium.com writers are very sharp about the shape of our human world today. The Horror of Starvation — https://medium.com/@indica/the-horror-of-starvation-77f7f8a877e2 — Indi.ca. Our problems start with the biological determination of our bodies and minds. We are omnivorous predators and consummate technologies. We are Wiley E. Coyotes at heart. Our contraptions ending up getting us into big troubles and back firing at us in our future. It makes for great comedy, if only when it isn’t personal.

Consciousness and awareness are an integration of complex metabolisms, many trillions of cells, even more neural interconnects, a colony of countless gut bacteria and chemicals of our digestive system linked to our brains and mental feelings and decisions. We are the interpreters of the world…

Michael Rynn

Once was educated and worked in Medical Practice, then did software engineering. Now retired. Still doing music, reading and writing, and website tinkering