Best viewed from a long distance away

Michael Rynn
3 min readSep 26, 2023

After watching the USA handling of the latest failures of Ukraines counter-offensive war, that the visiting Mr Zelensky has earned his actual historical role, which is soon to be finalized. After he gets finally pulled off the world stage for his black comedy act, it turns out that he has been a double agent.

Unbeknownst even to himself, he has been string-jerked Puppet, of both the US weapons industry, with its unrealistic NATO expansion dreams, and also the Russian government. After being installed by the historical forces of both, his role has been to drained NATO war machine resources, of their old inventory, which will now need to be modernized and replenished.

His stirring nationalist defend and attack at all costs, has resulted in the death or disablement of nearly every last oppositional brainwashed starry eyed nationalistic Ukranian, plus the unlucky draftees, and his resistance to settlement of the inevitable indefensible, is a major guarantee longer term Russian hegemony over its new expanded Ukrainian territories. All the while the west played war games, it was really waiting and testing to see if Putin’s Russia really literally meant what it had said.

Not a nice legacy to for a Wartime President to have, but perhaps it was unavoidable after becoming the volunteer man in the middle of two permanently antagonistic warring elephants. A carefully managed escape into a cushy protected retirement should be his reward, a bit like what was offered to the Shah of Iran.

I imagine that all of this has been great for the US weapons industry markets, and a great distraction for media and people to cheer on the money-swamped members of the US government. The war has maintained production after the Afghan withdrawal debacle, as it has allowed a lot of money transferred to US weapons manufacturers for deliveries of crappy old stuff, to the proxy war, as a great deal cream on their cake, making room in the warehouses of the Empire of global Destruction, for new bigger stuff.

Winning at all in USA directed far-away conflicts has never mattered, so long as the weapons money continues to flow into the right US pockets, and the Pentagon receives its ever increasing infinite growth budgets. As in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, millions of other peoples deaths and mutilations have never mattered to the US global big-con scam politics.

Ukraine will end up with its scarred territorial amputation, as a frozen armistice border between east and west, much like the scarred divide between North and South Korea, and the respective hostility and deadlock of military patrols, no mans land, never resolved. Overall this may end up being better result than escalation into a hot nuclear conflict Armageddon.

I apologize for my complete cynicism, but our eternal war gods arenot going to apologize for the terrible inconvenience caused.



Michael Rynn

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