Can you place your trust in your nations greenhouse gas reduction targets and carbon offsets?

Michael Rynn
13 min readApr 19, 2022

Overshoot collapse, national state repression, institutionalized corruption, political mendacity, and accelerated global heating are surely by now the only processes that climate activists can rely upon.

Major Australian political parties, and governments of affluent nations in general have a major absence of anything trustworthy in what they say about global heating mitigation actions. Perhaps this applies in general to everything else they say to the public media. Trust in the governments of affluent nation-states is entirely absent if you care about our climate future.

This is maybe because voters are told by politicians that their constituents don’t care about climate mitigation.Just like a recent article says (Sydney Morning Herald — April 17 —”Voters don’t care about integrity commission: seven Liberal MPs”. No need for the government to have any integrity at all then. Just like the Labor opposition shadow climate minister said, long before his appointment as shadow climate minister, “my constituents don’t care about climate change”. Therefore what you don’t care about cannot harm you.

Likewise the Australian government won an appeal against a an earlier legal action won by climate activists, that charged that the environment minister ought to take the health and welfare of future generations into account. [7]

No, the duty of care, responsibility of Australia government environment ministers (and all the other key ministerial portfolios), whatever they swear on after appointment, has been for several decades, to only take actions that maximize the mining export profits of foreign corporations, for which our public government subsidies and tax breaks exceed to the total royalties our state governments earn. [6]

The duty of Australia’s legal systems of so called honorable higher courts and judges, is to back the corrupt legislative and regulatory practices of the government, codified as laws made over many decades by money corrupted politicians and the builtin weakness of the governments old constitution(s). The duty of proposed independent commissions against corruption is not to exist.

This certainly explains all of the new approvals of new gas fracking operations in widespread areas across the northern territory of Australia, and mostly rubber stamp approvals for new coal mines, and the governments…



Michael Rynn

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