Fossil fuel governments go to Rabid Virulence

Fossil fools full control

The fossil fuel disease is predicted to run its growth course, until all economic resources are consumed. All land and ocean biosphere life at end of consumption, will have been completely “eaten and burned out”. Civilisation will disappear, consumed by itself at the very end, followed by a extinction wipe-outs from feedback enhanced global heating with effects lasting a few million years. More likely than not, no human descended species will be around afterwards to learn some hard facts about skills in global systems self-management. Scientific knowledge alone will not save us, because politics infected with with fossil fuel virus trumps science, if it doesn’t manage to abolish it altogether.

We all need food

For many other parts of the world, this will be year long daily experience. Climate change will make it so for nearly everyone. In Australian in 2019, 1 in 5 people experienced some degree of food insecurity. Food bank Australia report.

Do we really know our choice any better now?

Green painted economic platforms are becoming more than just hype now, as the economic costs and stakes of continued fossil fuel infection directly threaten the continuity of global human civilisation. The economic evidence is that a major collapse of the direct fossil fuel economy is already necessary to have a civilisation compatible world.

Our time is up now

Global heating has gone far enough, to be hitting the threshold of several global tipping points, and only a global emergency response plan with drastic emissions cuts can slow its bulldozing of global civilisation. We cannot wait for for a gradual replacement of fossil fuels by green energy technology. Fossil fuel emissions must fall very fast now.

End game bad news

We are now in condition of global climate check-mate threat. Above is two counts of peak temperatures rising to exceed physiological survival limits. Rising global average temperatures increase the frequency of mass killing heat events during a warm season, and the chances of staple grain crops failure. Our fossil fuel dependence today, means that the fast path to mitigation of deadly extinction climate, can only be the rapid abandonment of fossil fuel powered infrastructure.

The good news.

Fossil fuel industries are fully aware of a potential for states to heed so many signals about the need to change their investment direction, which is why they are now riding their political underlings very hard. Fossil fuel interests have always been about covering eyes, shouting in ears, and doing despicable acts of smothering and controlling political decisions. Such control is now extremely suspect.

Global money and power ends up here too. From article: Green post-virus stimulus is life or death:



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