Global Crush of Nature and People.

Michael Rynn
6 min readOct 29, 2021

In todays global crush of nature and people our biosphere systems are the losers, as will also be the billions of us. Global civilisation and future generations have no chances of surviving the next one hundred years at our current overshoot scale. Hope lies in an accelerated global collapse process of our unnatural economic activities which are laying waste to our biosphere systems. If global collapse of fossil fuelled energy systems does not happen fast enough, to halt the yearly rise in greenhouse gas emissions, starting from now, then in a few decades our global heating processes will be running off by themselves towards “hot-house” earth. The collapse needs to happen fastest in the rich developed world, and among the global energy mining and exporting corporations.

Graph shows yearly carbon dioxide emissions rising to 36,000 MtCO2 a year by 2017
From Climate Accountability

Real political and military power on this planet, is the power of each nation to get the resources it wants, using all the energy it can get, to consume global resources using trade, coercion and diplomacy. It requires effective specialisation of large populations and regions, so called ‘open’ economies according to neoliberal doctrines, so currency flows can match those of products and peoples.

The result is that corporate entities are so much more powerful and cruel than the peoples and governments of nations. Corporations effectively dictate and manipulate governments. The USA war complex is several interlocking energy, weapons and military — intelligence agencies, that maintain and enhance corporate rights for plunder and the suppression of competition for resources from other nations, and even domestic government, by all means — including war, sanctions, state-sponsored terrorism, assassination, financial and political corruption, drug trafficking, and spying.

The major customers of the US military war complex , also its suppliers, wealth creators, and national foreign rivals are all coal, oil and gas corporations. National strategy and wars revolves around securing these and other mineral resources in a game of competitive green house gassing of our planet.

The USA corporate war complex has important major customers, suppliers and rivals, all bent on green house gassing our planet.

Underneath are thousands of smaller corporate and individual entities, contractors, logistics…



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