Minerals Council of Australia has written all Australian Climate Policy, not “inner-city” wine bar customers.

Michael Rynn
6 min readApr 20, 2021

Wow, the radio voices were hot this morning, with Australian climate target news. There was the media equivalent of squeals of pain from Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other fossil fool government members over the notion accepting a climate net zero emissions target of 2050, by which date most of what we now know will likely be dead.

Scott Morrison from marketing says net zero emissions won’t be achieved in ‘wine bars’ of ‘inner cities’. How stupid and irrelevant. We have a global problem, the net-zero target is global. Large scale emissions curtailment failure anywhere means failure everywhere.

Growing gate-way to climate hell. Heatwaves and permafrost melt in Siberia — Batagay as current largest thaw slump


This is just after Australians have all been offered small handouts gift vouchers from the government to visit and prop up these “inner-city” food and drink businesses, which are languishing after COVID lockdowns. Now we are the subject of insults from up high if we try to use them. What is this man thinking? Maybe the members of the Minerals Council of Australia are actually city wine bar habitues, which is the only way the Prime Ministers statement makes sense.

We haven’t yet begun to talk about global climate system positive feedbacks, and the need for negative emissions technology, because capoliticians know we are screwed, because they are screwing us.

Out of seeming no-where, “inner city types” have been endowed with magical government influencing political powers by the Prime Minister, as if they are evil witches. I am sure these mythical inner city types, whatever they have done to pick a fight with the prime minister, know best how to quickly distance themselves from the capoliticians. (Capo — Crime Bosses and Peers )

I presume the bulk of Australians that live in the poorer outlying suburbs like myself, known as majority voters, are spared the Prime Ministers withering blast. In Western Sydney smog basin, we fear more the coming decades of death-dealing heatwaves.

Many so called rural types, are crying out for action, to stop the relentless warming that is toasting our land of “droughts and flooding rains”. The industry being “climate mitigation protected”, in Australia, is the foreign mining industry. In return Australia gets the millions of mining jobs and dollars mentioned by the Prime Minister. In reality the industry is highly automated, there are no than a few hundred thousand direct jobs, and most of the billions of dollars mining profits all go overseas to foreign pockets, largely untaxed.

On the question of the target, 2050 zero emissions, that is known to be too late. By then, 2 degrees of warming will be in the past, and getting warming below 3 degrees will be the next goal. On the radio I heard a women with more educated climate sense say “too little, too late”, and someone else said “better late than never”.

I expect global civilisation will be well into our combined climate-resources-biosphere assault and collapse chaos efforts before 2050. Climate mitigation progress will occur as a result of, and only after collapse.

Inner city types dictating climate policy? What climate policy is this? This all sounds like a distraction campaign theme organized by the Minerals Council of Australia. The MCA have all the sociopathic manipulation brains, money, and media control and have pulled all the political puppet strings, over the last several decades.

The Minerals Council of Australia has always been dictating climate policy in Australia. It has run, bridled and destroyed many previous incarnations of Australian governments for a ridiculously long time. The MCA is a sophisticated political crime mafia operation. Several Prime Ministers have been disposed with their influance. Kevin Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull, the manipulation has been ridiculously rife in Australia for decades. MCA lobbyists infest Federal Parliament House like cockroaches in the dark. They out number and out-think capoliticians, outspend the political parties, and buy up the media. Their office is the direct closest commercial building in walking distance to Federal Parliament. None of our capoliticians dare be caught pointing the finger to the MCA.

Our new mythical hate target of inner — city types , apparent frequenters of wine bars and restaurants, is simple method of pointing away from the real culprits. Scott Morrison is following his MCA brief exactly. No one in the media, not even the ABC dare point the finger at the MCA, as their government funding is always under threat. This shows just how effective and smothering is their capolitician organisation, the political carbon mafia of Australia, and the climate wrap-up game they are playing with the world.

I expect a build-up of mythical blame targets to be echoed for days and weeks ahead, with creative variations and echoes. This is standard output of Murdoch Mining Media, and I will expect a Paid Advertising campaign to provide emotional targets without any sense or basis in fact. It is a emotional stir-up campaign arising from those with climate stranded assets, losing big money, causing panics amongst the big crime bosses in big foreign finance.

After consecutive drought and bushfire crises, the rural National Party representives are also still more interested in letting foreign mining corporations loot all of the country, than talking about climate policy.

This battle of the cliches and ideological point scoring, with its overall snarky rudeness, by Scotty from marketing, still shows the anaemic lack of climate ambition of our federal government parties. The capoliticians still cover-up for big money finance and looting interests. Their super power ability is to stand back, and act unconcerned, during environment looting crimes by foreign corporations while raking in large political party donations.

The usual fossil fool spokespersons, granted national media time, are still whining that Australia “doesn’t have the right technology”, to achieve climate ambitions (Unstated is the incompatible ambition keep to keep growing their ruling class unlimited wealth and lifestyle). Technological failure has been and still is entirely governments fault. We have absolutely far too much of the wrong technology. The MCA guided government recently trumped up a new climate-idiot expansion of fracking gas mining everywhere, under the cover of “Covid-19 gas led recovery”. With the MCA running Australia, it appears that no more new projects at all is a better climate mitigation option, only that scores of new mine expansions and fracking lease expansions are in the government approval pipelines. All these money pipe-dreams of capitalists are at risk from climate mitigation.

Putting our systems to the climate roasting test. Species migration from and disappearance from the equator.


— Species are migrating towards the poles, on oceans and land, or simply disappearing, in a replay of climate mass extinctions of the past.

So there is no real evidence in Australian government that its members have “seen the light”, no growth of enlightenment, no indication there is any simple conciousness about global warming, global resources depletion, and the growing difficulties of the multiple predicaments of human and other species who are being squeezed out of habital zones on our planet. Plenty of evidence of capoliticians and carbon mafia. Too many are money zombies. I can hear the desperate pain of these mining and fossil fuel supporters who are getting their arms twisted, and it seems like they are never going to cooperate with anything that doesn’t involve lots of growth of their money.



Michael Rynn

Once was educated and worked in Medical Practice, then did software engineering. Now retired. Still doing music, reading and writing, and website tinkering