Models to bring down Global Power

The unsustainable, fossil fuel-driven exponential growth of the human enterprise on a finite planet
No way can we keep this up. As presented by Prof. William Rees.
Absolute growth in fossil fuel energy over last 5 years still exceeds that of renewable energy. It is unreasonable to expect that renewable energy can be built in a short time frame to replace fossil fuel energy. Our best ecological overshoot rescue option is to decline fossil fuel pollution as fast as possible.
Suddenly, somehow, other renewables are expected to replace the total energy of all of the three big fossil fuels in a short time frame. This compares growth rate of recent 5 year period, and relative sizes. Renewables growth rate seems good, but it is not nearly good enough. Decline in fossil fuel energy is a much more achievable goal than growth in renewable energy, and requires much life-style sacrifice of the west.



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Michael Rynn

Michael Rynn


Eduction and work in Medical Practice, also software engineering, for medical research and commercial. Amateur musician. Learning chinese and russian languages.