Our $70 billion dollar sign Prime Minister

We are in Australia, getting down the gritty nub of what blocks climate change policy progress in this nation. Yes, you already knew, it is big money mining (again). Because the rich can never have enough.
From the online news limited article — Scott Morrison opens the door to an ‘evolution’ of his government’s climate change policy

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, is under climate policy pressure, with ongoing expanded bush-fire season disaster. He would be better off by calming down, really listening, becoming better informed, and please stop forcing out manic and idiotic sound bytes in a panic.

His current media nibbles policy sales spiel sounds very defensive and rattled. Only the “good” or meaningless statistics are quoted — “Emissions today are 50 million tonnes less on average each year under our government than under the previous government” . What an over-under-qualified mind twister!

Australian total emissions have been steadily increasing over last four and a half years.

Australian Greenhouse growth trend. Previous governments to the left, current government to the right

Large increases are now due to increases emissions incurred from Australian LNG export industry, and that is without counting the exported gas emissions. From the government’s own quarterly update report for greenhouse gas emissions.

“Over the year to March 2018, the 6.8 Mt CO2-e increase was largely driven by a 25.4 per cent increase in LNG exports which impacted the emissions from stationary energy and fugitive sectors.”

From the news limited article, from Scott Morrison — “Evolution of climate change policy would need to be within the policy framework that I took to the last election, which was without putting a tax on people’s living, without increasing people’s electricity prices, without writing off $70 billion dollar industries (that) regional Australians depend on for their livelihood”.

A vague word, this “evolution”. It means adaption changes made in time, hopefully with weeding out the unfit, and not saving them. Evolution doesn’t do subsidies. Evolution that allows environment sacrifice leads to extinction. This talk of “evolution” comes from a Pentacostal Church attender, and these folks allegedly prefer to believe in “Special Creation”, allowing for the easy comforting thought that the world was created made to make them feel special. Even the billionaires can be saved. So the “evolution” word is maybe a good sign, a tentative counter of the “extinction” meme.

Even vaguer terms, because no one specified what the hell this was, just what are the $70 billion dollar industries that provide economic life support to regional Australia? Just where do all those billionaires live? In regional Australia? That would be mining owners I suppose, Australians star pantheon of billionaire mining gods — Gina, Clive, Adani, with ex-politicians and their magic networked circle of big investor friends. We ordinary folk will never get to have trickle back flow much of that $70 billion industry, not as tax dollars, not that many jobs, much less in regional Australia.

No money, jobs or future looks like it is sticking around in regional Australia. Maybe Scott Morrison’s package of extra special care does not include value of Agriculture exports, also from very regional Australia, which were $44.7 billion in 2016, and depend on not having a global heated climate. Or is this a write-off?

Some emissions are thought so special, that they don’t need to be mentioned, included, or worried about by the public. They have to be excluded by political marketing spokespersons for the fossil fuel industry. They add to the greenhouse load just the same. Australian emissions reductions policy, according to Scott Morrison’s government, now has a very strict boundary definition. Australian climate policy is from now on, to exclude “$70 billion dollar industries” who also happen to be among their very best friends. This is the literal — Liberal meaning of the words of Scott Morrison.

Just to clobber the alternate mining party, the Australian Labor Party believes in boosting Australian fossil fuel exports as well. Their future delegations to international climate sessions, COP2X, 3X whatever and forever, won’t likely to be more accommodating, as again, emissions reductions also tends to such a very narrow range of specific domestic emissions reductions that somehow will be excluded from operations of incumbent global mining and fossil fuel interests.

Australia started out as intermittently dry country, but we still need agriculture and water, for export, and also grow whatever we need to feed ourselves. Food production is a life — essential industry which will be hardest hit by global heating. We will not be able to eat coal or drink gas, especially when we have to buy it back from our exporters. Regional agriculture is now stricken by prolonged drought, seasonal heat-waves, and large scale bush-fires, that are enhanced by global heating. Recent climate reviews indicate progressive drying in the south-east of our continent. That extra CO2 stays around a long time, is hard to avoid, and will progressively reduce the nutrient content of all our crops.

That $70 billion special care package would not include the great barrier reef I suppose, which was asset valued at $56 billion by deloitte only 2 years ago — At what price? The economic, social and icon value of the Great Barrier Reef. It appears the reef value will drop from tourism of tropical wonders, to ghastly death spectacle.

Nobody, not even the Greens Party, talked seriously about “writing off” all existing coal mines. It is always hard in politics, to distinguish between what parties actually are about and would manage practically, and how extreme they might be because vested interests of other parties and media say how extreme they are.

Scott Morrison have been grossly exaggerating by claiming a “write-off”. This really made this fictitious dichotomy, a delicious lie. Scott must be really worried about writing off new additional future profits, and stock-market share prices, for his mates, because billionaires never have enough money, or enough mines, in case some other billionaire gets in first. In which case, these things are a fantasy, and needed to have existed before being written off.

Climate action required two decades or more ago, as a first ask, gave polite requests to have no new coal mines, and no new gas fracking. I have decades old protest signs of the same. This seems to have been put in rational and sensible requests, backed with solid evidence. Only a continued refusal, has accelerated global greenhouse warming, and made this more pressing.

For how many more decades will the likes of Scott Morrison continue to declare that having new coal is to be the most precious thing on earth to die for? For how long will the mining magnates and media continue to help elect coalition climate retards to become Australian government? For how many more decades will Australian fossil fuel export industries expect government to let them have everything their own way?

Continued power-money politics in Australia makes me predict a global heating “write-off” of agricultural Australia, with progressive and irreversible climate change. Losing fantasy money is one thing, permanently losing a continent for comfortable ecological habitation is another.

A plan to stop new coal mining works, would help the economics of the existing mines which are going to be constantly struggling in the future. Current prospects indicate lower global prices per tonne for coal. Energy costs of mining deeper, like diesel oil price, are always rising. Add far too many billionaires competing to supply both gas and coal, and some will have to go bankrupt, like much of the USA coal industry.

In order to encourage the world to decarbonize, what is badly needed is global managed undersupply, rationing and higher prices, for these depleting non-renewable resources. If that means fewer billionaires, all the better. What has happened to the global monopolies that once understood resource management? For global heating predicaments we require global reduction of emissions, otherwise all other mitigation effort becomes rapidly used up and pointless. A bunch of wanna-be magnate-bums trying to expand national and global production of coal and gas is the very last thing we need right now, but the Australian government seems to promote open slather.

Eduction and work in Medical Practice, also software engineering, for medical research and commercial. Amateur musician. Learning chinese and russian languages.

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