Suddenly, everywhere, all at once, etc …

Michael Rynn
3 min readSep 11, 2023
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I am too dismayed to write in essay format. I am impressed by reading many other creative and informative essay communications here on Medium, as climate, civilization, collapse etc, are all happening together.

I just watched a Nate Hagens small discussion group on the fate of our oceans. Those experts know enough to know our species doesn’t really know how bad things already are, and how much worse it will get as consequences.

So what could I say? I know just enough to know what they are talking about. Its all happening out there. The process of human ecological overshoot worsens every day.

So here is a condensed “lossy compression” squeezed into a constrained strained couplet style.

Suddenly, everything everywhere all at once etc,

We are heedless of rising heat,
self injected into the ocean depths,
blind to the meaning of life’s defeat,
with our brazen systems thefts

We still burn more fossil fuels
with machines and excuses both churning faster,
Our billions consume the web of life’s foods,
with intense top down bluster.

This is our once-only climate bonfire burn,
economic growth of climate bomb,
now trying to double again,
all our mistakes into exponential of wrong.

Slowly and gradually, leads before a sudden fall,
pushing every nation,
into natures final bankruptcy,
to collapse all of industrial civilization.

Now science says that oceans currents,
are by global heating slugged to go slow;
as heats our poles, and ocean tops,
means less cool and oxygen for life below.

From above factory trawler ocean ships
slash ocean bottoms in sucking strips,
such organized crimes do profit handsomely
all subsidized by successful politics.

All fish must swim to breath,
the bigger move faster or suffocate,
in surrender to heat and die,
or join the mass polar migrate.

Fleets of nations ships patrol seas
to sink our human tides of untold climate desperate,
fleeing to those nations of factories and machines
that still spew emissions and plastic waste.

Our mining corporations are from Mordor,
that enslave and strip the biological wealth of Middle Earth,
force-feeding the production of food and minerals
to buildup our Mount Doom of economic growth.

“Productivity”, denotes systems as designed by global elites
as economists love those wealth pumps,
that exploits workers and families
to make products to fill our global rubbish dumps.

Our productivity “solutions” include micro-plastics,
from fibers and fabrics, are now working inside our physiology.
Our long lived chemicals are widely distributed macro-sicks,
that tweek changes in all the cell divisions of all biology.

Global oceans and soils, that our species overshoots,
are in a state of exhausted, extremely poor health,
they can longer can support global economic cahoots,
that pursue such endless power and wealth.

Global empires escalate wars to exploit more land,
use all ends and means, to ensure all die the sooner,
Killing our oceans is another big helping hand,
to turn this biosphere into planet doomer.

The best result will surely be the fastest human extinction,
that our earth desires most for cure. Doomers know,
that these metastatic cancers of developed nations,
for global remission, need to all completely go.

Our most terrible result is our overshoot folly.
We continue to burn our lights of denial so bright,
We fight witless wars against all of biology,
until extinctions bring about the endless dark night.



Michael Rynn

Once was educated and worked in Medical Practice, then did software engineering. Now retired. Still doing music, reading and writing, and website tinkering