Unbelievable Party Election Propaganda

Michael Rynn
5 min readMay 9, 2022

Its an Australian Federal Election, polling day is on May 21st, pre-polling day voting is available from today.

The incumbent Liberal National Party government is desperate for holding onto its control of political representation, despite a very soiled reputation.

The major opposition Labor Party is desperate to get over a threshold 76 lower house seats into lower house majority rule.

The politician spin makers do realize that the major complaints against the big parties include rising costs of living, lack of serious global heating mitigation policies, unaffordable housing and rental accommodation, and ignored large scale political party corruption by foreign corporate donors.

Going on track record, both major parties are keen to prove themselves worthy of their major corporate sponsors, the foreign corporations that mine gas, coal and iron ore, and ship it out as raw materials. Value add manufacturing is by comparison at low levels.

Indirect lying in a Australian political campaign isn’t illegal. Absolute underhanded deception and sabotage of other parties campaign material is illegal, if the perpetrators can be caught and proven.

In general though, directly or directly the big parties promise, growing prosperity, jobs, they all say they “have a plan”. Mostly any plans would be a remix of same neoliberal style policies which have ruled for decades, and infected the minds of this generation of politicians. The Labor leader candidate is Mr Antony Albanese, and he says he has a vision of a renewable energy powered Australia.

Both Labor and Liberal-National parties fully approve currently 114 new coal and gas mining expansions for exporting greenhouse gas emissions out of Australia. Australia is already a global leading exporter for coal and gas, as it feeds the global mega-machine.

I am contributing member of the local Greens party, in the electorate of Parramatta, which is a “marginal seat”, up in the air until polling is counted.

Both Liberal and Labor like to play parachute games and shoe horn corporate-picked candidates from their corporate central caste over locally selected and diverse representation candidates. Both foreign corporate parties have done this for the Parramatta electorate to choose for us their candidates from the Corporate and Business Caste.

Michael Rynn

Once was educated and worked in Medical Practice, then did software engineering. Now retired. Still doing music, reading and writing, and website tinkering