Virtual reality simulations of Western media.

Michael Rynn
4 min readMar 25, 2024

Ukrainians and Palestinians are the latest losers from the machinations of USA-NATO militancy of western civilization.

The long bloody Russian-Ukraine battle front. Image of

I have spent time listening and reading to several other well-informed experts over a long period of time, with alternative views to the false reports of western media, I find the “human waves” narrative applied to Russian tactics sound really false. Allan Milne Lees does get the equivalance of promises right in “The Equivalence of Nuclear Fusion And Russian Collapse”. Both are still very expensive PR fantasies. The west these days deals in global warming, denial, and fantasies of continued economic growth, while busy raping the last bits of biodiversity on earth, in order to keep up appearances of living standards. Western Media is a virtual reality simulation.

Western media have completely mislead us as to the balance of casualties. Yes, as your article implies, its all been war propaganda, truth being the first casualty. The alarmist rhetoric about Russia planning to invade other nearby NATO states also sounds false. Russia is a fossil fuel, oil economy state very much like the USA, except that it is far richer in still untapped natural resources. Hence resource depleted Europe and the USA are envious, they see Russia having a more prosperous way of life, and feeding Chinas resource appetites, while relative energy per capita in the west is declining fast.

None of these states of Techno Industrial Civilization are going to keep this up for much longer. “Resistance is useless” — and wars even more so, against Limits to Growth induced collapse.

China is now treated as the “great enemy” by the current USA administration, especially since the departure of Ms Victoria Nuland. The Russian economy is doing well and increasing its trade relationships with China, making both stronger.

Russia is also out to play well with others around the globe, in a Multipolar BRICS — plus world, stealing NATO and USA influence and US dollar hegemony. France is out for revenge, partly because Russia undermines the last of Frances exploitive relationships to former French colonies in Africa. However apart from fuming threats, the French non-nuclear military capability, like the rest of NATO is very much impotent.

The USA cannot afford to invest more in holding back the inevitable implosion of the badly led Ukrainian patched up state, no matter how many billions of $US dollars it prints, to feed its own weapons industry complex.

A large proportion of the Russian army in Donetz and Luhansk are ethnic Russians that have long been targets of Ukranian nationalist anti-russian aggression. The Ukaine conflict is first of all more of a civil war, that was interfered with by the West in order to prevent its resolution, and do harm to Russia. Ukraine consists of many ethnic groups, many belong to nearby nieghbours, Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Russia. Its just one of those nightmare political border carve-ups, left over by the West from WWII.

Civil war turned into a NATO proxy war, because the west always has had more evil intentions towards Russian and its resources than Western media projects as evil Russian intentions. And now we are developing from proxy war to a full-on secret war of NATO supplied Ukraine against Russia, with the patch-work nation of Ukraine to be squashed and dismembered in the middle. This would be best to end, in negotiated settlements, if we are lucky, in a stable partitioning, between the various original nationalities of peoples that actually once belonged to various other nationalities bordering Ukraine, that are so good at hating each other, in typical European fashion.

NATO nations are technically taking part in full scale war with Russia, supplying logistics, advice, and intelligence information, like exact locations of targets. Based on “rules of war”, Russia would could take retaliation against them, as military targets in their own countries. The dangers of continued escalation are immense.

See for interview, political history summary, with transcript.

Of course, like all wars of TIC, this induces a new arms race for more ingenious ways of killing people remotely, turning more resources and production of stuff into means of death, and their counter-defence weapons.

I am grateful for fellow Australian’s Willy OAM you-tube channel, for giving out daily gritty detail over a long bitterly fought front, with slow bloody daily battle-grind. He recently pointed out the buildup of a dreadful legacy of farmer-killing mines, cluster munitions in their millions, that will be a life-costly blight on the Ukrainian landscape for generations to come. Ukraine is desperately trying to hold a long front while running out of men and ammunition. No intervention by individual or combined NATO nations is likely to be available in time to stop this front line collapse, and actual noises from NATO politicians is face saving PR only.

The behavior of US and NATO in their political and logistics backing of Israel in genocide and obliteration of Gaza is disgusting. This murderous alliance of national governments of the West have lost all global credibility.



Michael Rynn

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