What is the emotional instinctive reasoning of the extremely rich global elites that wanted Brexit? Most of them would consider themselves multinational owners of the world. Perhaps they consider Britain a test case for deglobalisation.

Something part of our ongoing global civilisation collapse, that has to happen, regardless of our actions, because of the intractable systemic external pressures our systems growth has created. Government institutions to be now to be divided and conquered, and swallowed up by the global rich. Political appointees are guaranteed to be incompetent. British people are being reduced to extreme poverty, and so are encouraged to be fighting each other rather than organising among themselves to take over their own political control. Consumer civilisation reduced to individuals of systems dependency, divided by media control, no longer know how to govern or themselves, with a population far bigger than its local ecological carrying capacity. The going down side of exponential economic growth, a rapid collapse, after the ability to exploit the rest of the world is taken away. This hidden down side, in operation for decades, caused the problems that the politicians thought that Brexit was going to fix. It seems to be that EU membership and trade was all that was left keeping UK systems from collapsing faster.



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Michael Rynn

Once was educated and worked in Medical Practice, then did software engineering. Now retired. Still doing music, reading and writing, and website tinkering