While there evidence of detainment and “reeducation” campaign, and suppression of Muslim religion, the charge of genocide and mass sterilisation has not been properly evidenced here, nor anywhere else.

All human beings are the same species, with culture split into babel like societies, all bent on exploitation for the privileges of their groups, with the same faults and problems of national bureaucratic government, and overshoot of environment carrying capacity. Welcome to the rat-race, end stage of total chaos, conflict and collapse.

I don’t regard it any more significant than the USA forced use of migrant internment, forced family separations, and the massive prison system used especially against African descendants. A typical totalitarian system, common to almost any national government today, for the privileges of those sectors of society with extreme wealth and power, and control of the government. Injustice and repression is directly proportionate to wealth inequality, and the means to wield it arbitrarily. No exceptions that I know of.

Eduction and work in Medical Practice, also software engineering, for medical research and commercial. Amateur musician. Learning chinese and russian languages.

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